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Collecting vital information shouldn't be a chore. Motivational Maps is easy to use. Starting with a straightforward questionnaire, individuals can complete it in minutes.

The tool automatically analyses responses and generates clear and easy to understand reports, that reveal each person's key motivators, and their level of motivation. Each report provides actionable advice on how to increase motivation where it matters.

Take the path to your better future with Motivational Maps®.

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Where do people fit in a team?

Our ability to function effectively with others in a team is down to a number of factors, which include personality traits, attitudes, behaviours and preferred roles.

One of the most important factors, often almost completely overlooked, is the motivational profile of the individual and of the individual compared with the team profile.

For teams to grow and thrive they need to be aware of each other’s motivational profile and be able to fuel the motivators of other team members.

Build better performing teams with Motivational Maps®.

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Tap into the motivational source.

Performance depends on the right direction, the appropriate skills and massive amounts of motivation.

The Motivational Maps® system provides the solution to what is probably the most difficult of these to manage and sustain - motivation.

Motivational Maps® reveals your key motivators in clear and easy to understand reports.

Unlock motivation with Motivational Maps®.

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ISO accredited

The principles underlying Motivational Maps are based on more than a decade of research into human behaviour, organisational psychology, and motivation. As a result, Motivational Maps are ISO accredited (17065), which certifies the profiling tool provides accurate and valid data, and conforms with legislative standards for self-perception inventories.

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The Motivational Map sessions were superb and the outputs and results are genuinely business changing. Our SMT feel valued and engaged, we have a better understanding of each other and frankly we are all more efficient.

Jonathan Clark, Executive Chairman at Bright Blue Day

Motivational Maps® for individuals, teams and organisations

"Making the invisible visible"

Why use Motivational Maps?

There are many buzzwords going around at the moment, such as adaptability, innovation, and wellbeing, to name just a few, all of them claiming to hold the Holy Grail solution to business success. However, none of these can exist without first having motivation.

Used by over 70,000 people around the world, Motivational Maps are an accurate self-perception inventory based on three clusters of motivation: motivation through your relationships, motivation through your own achievements, and motivation through your individual growth. Motivation is directly correlated to productivity. The more motivated we are, the more energy we have, and therefore the more productive we become. By harnessing the power of Motivational Maps, you can increase staff performance, whilst also meeting their motivators, so they come into work energised and raring to go!

Motivational Maps are easy to apply. Completing a Map produces a personalised report for each individual. The report details their motivational profile, but also provides pragmatic and actionable steps they can take to increase their motivation. This data can then be combined to create Team Reports and Organisation Reports, giving individuals, teams, and organisations a shared language of motivation.

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Cassandra Andrews

The mission of the Cassandra Andrews Academy is to make work a place people love to be. Where leaders understand their people better. Where individuals are really fulfilled. Training people to become qualified experts in motivation truly lights us up.

Be empowered with the knowledge and the tools to make a radical difference to your clients and show you how to live the life you envisaged when you set up as a coach or consultant.


Join our community of Motivational Map Practitioners

Being a Motivational Maps practitioner is not only an ideal business opportunity, but also deeply satisfying as the rewards are in seeing other people achieve. Full training, resources, and practitioner events means you always have the best advice to hand. Training is provided by our Senior and Business Practitioners.

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The Mapping Motivation Series

Helping you define and measure motivation for individuals, teams and organizations.

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