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Your happiness and success at work is partly determined by whether or not your core 'Motivations' are being met.

These Motivations are not a conscious decision, but rather emerge from your self-concept, beliefs, expectations and personality.

As with our purpose in life, we do not 'invent' motivations; instead, we detect them. It is vital to go with the grain of our Motivations.

Unlock the map to your world with Motivational Maps®.


Motivational Maps: origins and development

The Motivational Map is not a personality test, or a psychometric profiling tool, it is a self perception inventory. The original Motivational Map was created by James Sale through his extensive research into human motivation and the study of three primary sources:

  • Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs,
  • Edgar Schein’s Career Anchors
  • The Enneagram, a personality profiling tool

The original Motivational Map was developed with the corporate/business world in mind, and thousands of people worldwide complete the Motivational Map every year. Organisations and businesses use the Motivational Map to help inform processes such as Career Management, Recruitment and Selection, Talent Management and Performance Management.

There are hundreds of Licensed Motivational Maps Practitioners globally, working with their clients using Motivational Maps technology for the benefit of organisations and companies in many market sectors.

The product portfolio includes specific versions for teams and organisations. The questionnaire is available in several languages.


The Motivational Map is based on three clusters of motivation: motivation through your relationships, motivation through your own achievements, and motivation through your individual growth.

Within these clusters are nine individual motivators. Of these, three will typically be stronger, with one as a core motivator. Motivational Maps technology asks some simple, yet pertinent questions that generates a unique, individual map, detailing the contribution of each motivator and how this can affect personal performance. The Motivational Map is presented as an easy-to-read report that accurately describes an individual’s drivers, and practical steps they can take to make use of this self knowledge.

Motivational memos...

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In the words of the rapper NF, “If actions speak louder than words, it’s pretty quiet, isn’t it?” There are a million and one theories about how best to improve your bottom line whilst simultaneously engaging and motivating your people, but the problem is just that: most of them are academic theories with no practical application in real-world business environments. But at Motivational Maps, we more

Why Motivation Is Better Than Hope

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