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We also run regular events to get our practitioners together. These are not only educational events but also a fun way to make contact with and share experiences with other practitioners.


Motivational Maps have devised and developed an outstanding system for measuring a person's motivational needs and wants, as well as an assessment of their current motivational state. As a professional in the field of psychometrics I am naturally sceptical of any new system, but I was very pleasantly surprised and impressed by Motivational Maps. The system accurately identified the factors which motivate me, as well as diagnosing some transient issues which are affecting my life at present.

Nik Plevan

Administrative console

Administrative console

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Events and seminars

  • 12 Nov 2020
    Make a Seismic Shift Book


    Make a Seismic Shift with Full Brain Coaching - WBECS World Business and Executive Coaching Summit 

    Are you ready for seismic shifts with your clients? As coaches we create luminosity to cut through the uncertainty and chaos that impacts performance, health and well-being of individuals, teams and entire organisations. This session is packed with leading edge thinking, tools, techniques and 15 physical and mental brain fitness exercises, to fully align our head, heart and gut at this crucial time. You’ll learn how to:Mobilise people’s Gut Brain: 90% of the body's serotonin involved in mood management, is produced in the gut. Knowing how to enhance intuition, beliefs and motivational drivers, enables people to instinctively respond to challenges with confidence, courage, purpose and a greater sense of well-being and resilienceEngage their Heart Brain: The heart emits an energy field 5,000 times stronger than the head, so by coaching emotions, visions and dreams, you can improve their emotional intelligence, authenticity and social influence

    Activate their Head Brain: Most people are using less than 20% of their brainpower. Know how to enhance people’s analytical thinking, innovation, active learning and complex problem-solving abilities, by understanding and applying the latest developments in neuroscience - neuro-agility and brain fitness.