Choose the Map that’s right for you.

Motivational Maps is available for individuals, managers, team leaders, HR professionals and coaches. Whichever solution you select, you can be sure it will provide a solid foundation on which to build an action plan for better performance and personal satisfaction at work.

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Motivational Maps Individual

For transforming personal energy and performance

The individual Motivational Map is our flagship product. In only about 15 minutes on-line the individual can complete the diagnostic and receive a full 15 page report on what motivates them and how motivated they are. The report is not only practical but also extremely revealing: most individuals have little idea about what truly motivates them.

The Motivational Map report contains at least 9 reward strategy ideas to help to motivate individuals further. This tool unlocks for them, and for others if they choose to share, the key to high performance. It is ideal for individual, career and leadership development.

The more motivation we have, the more energy; so this tool not only boosts our self-esteem but increases our capability to perform at a higher level.

Use this for:

  • Coaching and managing staff
  • Performance appraisals and rewarding individuals
  • Recruitment and retention of staff

Benefits and Outcomes:

  • Enhanced self-awareness, to increased motivation and performance
  • Improved engagement and productivity
  • Better career and recruitment choices and selections
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Motivational Maps Team

Build on the strengths of everyone working together

Most teams are assembled on the basis of relevant and complementary skill sets; what motivates the individuals in the team is often not considered at all. Indeed, conflicts between individuals are often ascribed to ‘personality’ clashes. However, these clashes may well be and often are motivational in origin.

Team Maps enable leaders to be able to determine whether the energies of the team are harmonised with mission, whether there are internal conflicts that need addressing, and finally how to provide rewards that motivate the team: each report contains at least 11 actionable ideas. In short, they enable the team to perform at a higher level.

The team Map supports change management programs by improving communication with a shared language. This creates smoother transitions and staff engagement.

Use this for:

  • Change management programs
  • Engagement and reward strategies
  • Managing teams

Benefits and Outcomes:

  • Better team work and greater productivity
  • Superior leadership skills
  • Better recruitment choices
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Motivational Maps Organisation

For STRATEGIC Motivation

In the past you have understood your organisation from a financial, marketing and operational perspective; now understand it for the first time from a people perspective: the invisible desires of your employees made visible through the Organisational Motivational Map.

This diagnostic takes motivation to a whole new and strategic level within an organisation. It will tell you if your values, mission and vision are aligned with what your staff wants collectively, at each level deep within the heart of the organisation.

This is a true change management tool that enables you to quickly, accurately and usefully identify what the key people issues are for your organisation; it provides a simple and easy-to-use language that facilitates advanced communication across the organisation; and it has a rich repertoire of reward strategies to enable greater levels of motivation, performance and productivity to occur. It is the management tool for staff engagement.

Use this for:

  • Strategic planning: mapping people to culture, values, mission and vision
  • Change management requiring people alignment
  • Engagement and reward strategy programmes

Benefits and Outcomes:

  • Easy to use, understand and implement
  • Increased motivation, performance, productivity and employee engagement
  • Enhanced communication leading to more effective leadership and management
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Motivational Maps Youth

For young people and those supporting them to transform personal energy into outstanding performance

The Youth Motivational Map is based on the same principles and process as our flagship product, the Motivational Map, with revised terminology and strategies to take account of a younger audience.

In addition to the young person receiving their own 15 page report on what motivates them and how motivated they are, reports are also produced for the parent/guardian and also the mentor/key youth worker. All reports include at least 9 reward strategy ideas to help the young person to motivate themselves further, or in the case of the parent/guardian and mentor reports, to support the young person to improve or maintain their levels of motivation.

The Youth Motivational Map provides the young person with an insight to their motivational drivers, and gives valuable insight to those around them who can have a significant influence on the young person. It identifies a young person’s core motivations, enabling them to become self-reliant, self-motivated lifelong learners, and enables teachers, youth workers and parent/guardians to develop learning and reward strategies to ensure effective engagement.

Use this for:

  • Creating self-awareness and independent learners
  • Identifying personal and group reward strategies
  • Improving engagement of young people

Benefits and Outcomes:

  • Enhanced self-awareness
  • Improved communication
  • Increased engagement
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