Motivational Maps in action.

Case Study: Amcor Flexibles

Amcor Flexibles

Business goal

To re-equip three senior managers in the IT department to develop new confidence, renewed motivation and pro-activity, a range of change management techniques, delegation, presentation and personal effectiveness skills, including more effective time management.


Amcor Flexibles, with 47 manufacturing sites worldwide, is the leading supplier to the global healthcare market. The company offers an unparalleled range of packaging materials designed for the pharmaceutical and medical industries. Its UK IT department is crucial and therefore new energies, attitudes and objectives are necessary to remain at the cutting edge.

All managers reported they were much happier with work and to come to work as a result of the process.


Amcor Flexibles


Motivational Maps was selected as the basis and starting point for a mentoring programme in which each manager was seen in six two-hour sessions over a ten week period. The objectives for each manager were clear, with the mentoring flexible enough to meet the personal and professional aspirations of the three. The Maps, done prior to the first sessions, enabled a fast start for the managers as issues were instantly identifiable from their profiles. This meant that powerful development and learning could happen at speed, with complete 'buy-in' from the managers.


All three managers reported significant improvements in both their personal and professional lives. Specifically for work, five key areas were identified where performance had been enhanced:

  • Proactivity (35% increase)
  • Confidence (36% increase)
  • Delegation (25% increase)
  • Time Management (15% gain in time)
  • Goals (the goal process enabled them to be 22% better on average)
All managers reported they were much happier with work and to come to work! The IT director agreed. Two managers reported that mentoring had helped them to resolve or tackle big personal issues, and this too increased satisfaction with work. Three recommendations were made:
  1. Half yearly reviews for three managers with mentor to be established
  2. Other staff within IT dept to be identified as suitable for mentoring
  3. Mentoring to be recommended to other departments within Amcor as a powerful tool to facilitate effective change and create the right skill and motivation mix