Motivational Maps in action.

Case Study: Loadpoint Bearings Limited

Loadpoint Bearings Limited

Business goal

Following a Management Buy Out in 2009, the directors recently promoted two long-serving employees to the Management Team – as Workshop Manager and Design Manager. The goal was to provide them with a wide-range of Management Training (2 hours/fortnight), to develop their strategic thinking, commercial awareness, confidence, people and task management skills.


Loadpoint Bearings are a leading authority in the manufacture and development of air bearing spindles. Their spindles, used in varied applications including contact lens manufacture, MRI scanners and paint sprayers, are designed and manufactured from their premises in Ferndown, Dorset.

I have been having management training with Susannah Brade-Waring for the last 6 months… I feel that my confidence and management skills have increased greatly and as a result productivity has significantly increased throughout manufacturing. I feel that using the motivational maps as part of this has propelled my development.

Richard Broom, Workshop Manager, Loadpoint Bearings

Loadpoint Bearings Limited


Used Motivational Maps to identify Jason and Richard’s motivators, and increase their self-awareness of what drives their decisions, behaviours and choices. Based on this feedback, the training style was customised for the management knowledge needed, and the two managers coached in how to apply it in practice in areas such as finances, strategy and pricing, staff management, project planning and cost control. Personal development was also considered, to improve their confidence, communication, time-management and delegation skills.


Richard and Jason’s confidence and effectiveness have increased. By training together they have formed a close working team, significantly improving communication between their departments. This has enabled them to anticipate and resolve problems in both production and people management.

Susannah has been training me at my workplace for the past six months... As a result of her training I could exploit my motivators to work more efficiently. My confidence in my ability, along with valuable assistance in timekeeping, planning and structure has increased my throughput whilst reducing my stress levels, not only in the workplace but through life!

Jason Brailey, Design Manager, Loadpoint Bearings

Motivational Maps practitioner: Susannah Brade-Waring Aspirin Business Solutions